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SMS API for C++ Developers

C++ developers can use a COM dll to connect to Ozeki Message Server 6. This DLL implements the communication between the C++ client application and the Ozeki Message Server. The DLL can be freely distributed along with your application. On this page we give the steps on how to use the C++ API.

STEP 1. - Download the C++ API with source
The file can be downloaded from the following URL: http://www.ozeki.hu/index.phtml?owpn=503   The name of the file is: cppClient.zip

STEP 2. - Unzip cppClient.zip
When you unzip the file you will see the source code in the cppClient directory. The cppClient directory also contains a compiled .exe version. The name of it this file is cppClient.exe

STEP 3. - Register the COM dll in your system
Open a windows command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd.exe). In the command prompt change to the cppClient directory and issue the following command:
regsvr32 ozCOMClient.dll

STEP 4. - Compile the source
Open the project "cppClient.sln" in Visual Studio.NET and press F5 to compile it.
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